Pygmy Date Palm - Phoenix Roebelenii


The Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix Roebelenii) is normally alluded to as the small scale date palm, Robellini Palm, Miniature Date Palm. Truly, the specie is local to Southern China and is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized scene palms in the United States of America. Its little stature, moderate development, simple care and agile crown have made it a prevalent complement plant in tropical settings. This type of palm trees is a standout amongst the most versatile palms for developing compartments.


Its tallness is 6 - 12 feet, with a spread of 6 - 10 feet. Its leaves are generally 8 - 12 inches long. As far as range, the Pygmy Date Palm is not local to North America. It is fairly local to northern Laos, Vietnam, and southern China. The Palm has a thin trunk with old leaf scars. Coming to right around 4 feet long, splendid green leaves develop from the highest point of the storage compartment. Its curving stems are secured with 4 - 5 inch flyers. The palm tree has hardened roots that effortlessly break. It additionally creates velvety blossoms that are trailed by dark dates.

General Care Tips

The dwarf palm is intense, and all around molded for a tropical animal types. It is equipped for withstanding temperatures somewhat beneath solidifying without agony any harm; it makes a decent competitor in zones 10 and 11. The social prerequisite frequently dismissed with this species is its dampness needs. This is on the grounds that it is parched and needs steady and sufficient water, now and then fit for withstanding periodic flooding. It needs full sun and somewhat acidic soil to flourish. On the off chance that adequate light is given, it fills in as a fantastic decision for indoor developing.


The Pygmy Palm requires full sun to incomplete shade to create. It can endure temperatures as low as 20°. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and can adjust to a wide range of soils. It can endure frosty conditions as low as 20°? when they are develop enough. The Pygmy Palm is additionally dry spell tolerant yet flourishes better in wet and very much depleted soils.

This type of palm looks exceptionally smooth when planted in a gathering of 3 to 5 examples. Similarly as has been already expressed, in spite of the fact that it treasures full daylight it can likewise still develop in fractional shade. Truth be told, the Pygmy Palm is an exceptionally prevalent indoor palm tree since it can flourish magnificently well in any sort of holder. It is utilized for outlining deck or portals.

Dwarf Date Palm Fertilization

It is suggested that the Pygmy Date Palm ought to be prepared 3 times each year amid hot months with a compost which contains magnesium and manganese.

Dwarf Date Palm Propagation

Since it takes around 3 - 4 months to sprout, the best conditions for germination would be warm, soggy soil with adequate shade which would shield the youthful seedlings from direct daylight. This is the place most agriculturists or individuals who yearning to plant this very specie commit the most errors.

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